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28 March 1881

H.K.H. Kronprinsen bestemte at Jarmann-geværet med fast magasin skulle antas for bruk i det norske infanteriet. Det skulle derimot gå lang tid før modellgeværene ble approbert, dette skjedde ikke før 8. april 1884. Jarmanns gevær var... Read more ...

28 March 1881

Jarmann-geværet ble approbert
H.K.H. Kronprinsen bestemte at Jarmann-geværet med fast magasin skulle antas for bruk i det norske infanteriet. Det skulle derimot gå lang tid før modellgeværene ble approbert, dette skjedde ikke før 8. april 1884.

Jarmanns gevær var opprinnelig et enkeltskuddsgevær, og dette geværet ble utlevert til tropper for utprøving allerede fra 1878. Modellbetegnelsene som vanligvis blir brukt kan virke noe forvirrende. Jarmanngeværet med fast rørmagasin under forskjeftet ble egentlig approbert i 1881, men det var først med en approbasjon i 1884 at det formelle grunnlaget for geværets modellbetegnelse ble lagt. Den første modellen kalles derfor M/1884. M/1884 ble forbedret av en approbasjon i 1887 der ca. 15 mindre endringer ble gjort på geværet, og det kan derfor være grunnlag for en M/1887. Andre mindre endringer ble approbert i 1888, 1889 og 1890.

Geværet kan brukes både som enkeltskudds- og repetergevær. Bruksmåten kan reguleres ved hjelp av en omstiller på låskassens venstre side. Flerskuddsmekanismen fungerer på følgende måte: en spiralfjær sørger for å dytte patronene bakover i rørmagasinet. Når sluttstykket føres i bakre stilling trekkes den skutte patronen ut av kammeret og kastes ut. På samme tid senkes patronheisen, og en ny patron presses ut på heisen. Når sluttstykket føres fremover heises patronen opp og når støtbunnen treffer patronen i bakkant føres patronen inn i kammeret.



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Nr. 133
Want to buy

Mauser 1871 Kar rear sight

Looking for a 71kar rear sight with slider, preferably Amberg, in very good condition, base not essential.

Name: alan harris
Posted on Friday 17. June 2016 at 13:06
Unique views: 1289.

Nr. 132
For sale

Stevens rifle

I am looking for a Stevens rifle in good condition past or model 1890-96 wich is our and your antique border for free sale . It should have a calibre of 25/20 Single Shot . A catrigde made by Dr Babbett in 1880 .

I have two shotgun rollkrimpers wich can be attacked to a table . The roll crimpers is antique but in nice condition , they are for cal 12 and 16 papercatrigdes . They are rollcrimpers . 1500 nkr + postage .

Name: Olav Heidenstrøm.
Telephone: 35091818
Posted on Wednesday 4. May 2016 at 15:05
Unique views: 1493.

Nr. 128
Want to buy

Krag-Jorgensen speed loaders


I am an American Krag-Jorgensen enthusiast looking to buy 5-round box speed-loaders for the Norwegian Krag.

E-mail communication is preferred.


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Name: Craig Rekow
Telephone: 1-937-552-9268
Posted on Sunday 27. December 2015 at 06:12
Unique views: 2373.

Nr. 127
Want to buy

Stock for rifle

I´m looking for a stock for this rifle. I think that this may be an old 12mm Swedish Remington rolling block rifle.

Click to enlarge

Name: Sigurdur Jonsson
Posted on Wed. 16. Sep. 2015
Unique views: 2758.

Nr. 122
Want to buy

Antique reciever and parts guns

I would want to buy antique recivers or parts guns

Name: Espen
Telephone: 95491241
Posted on Fri. 3. Jan. 2014 k
Unique views: 8598.

Nr. 121
For sale

12.7x44R dies

I have a 3die set of 12.7x44R dies and about 60 pieces of brass. Brass is new, properly head stamped, once fired. I purchased for a rifle I no longer have.

Name: Michael
Telephone: Grace
Posted on Sun. 1. Dec. 2013 k
Unique views: 8853.

Nr. 120
Want to buy

Danish rolling block parts

Hi, I'm looking for some screws for my Danish pattern rolling block receiver. I need the pivot pin retaining screws . I also need a trigger and locking lug. Any one with info would be much appreciated.

Name: Michael Geace
Telephone: 8178754729
Posted on Sun. 1. Dec. 2013 k
Unique views: 8264.

Nr. 119

Military bolt action rifles

For my collection i like to buy Europian militairy bolt-action rifles pre 1890
Cash payment, transport by myself after making export documents.

If you have sommeting let me know by email.

Name: Peter Netherlands
Posted on Sat. 20. Apr. 2013
Unique views: 8571.

Nr. 118
Want to buy

husqvarna cal12

Looking for husqvarna shotguns in cal.12 models 17 and 20

Name: john bergers
Telephone: 0031623479703
Posted on Mon. 1. Apr. 2013 k
Unique views: 9184.

Nr. 117
Want to buy

Mauser M71 and 71/84 parts

I want buy a stock and all magazine parts for Mauser M1871/84 rifle.
I need also a trigger guard for Jäger-version of M-71 rifle

greetings from Finland: Mikko

Name: Mikko Vähä
Posted on Fri. 25. Jan. 2013
Unique views: 9451.

Nr. 114
For sale

Dedinski Underhammer

For sale:
Dedinski Underhammer cal. 38 for 50m.
Palm support (not in picture).
Very good shooter.
Made in 2010.
24 000 SEK

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Name: Rob Wikstedt
Posted on Fri. 6. Jul. 2012 k
Unique views: 11190.

Nr. 104
Want to buy

stock for 1851 Kammerlader

Marked: Petersen christiania 1851

Click to enlarge

Name: steve
Posted on Fri. 6. Jan. 2012 k
Unique views: 12652.

Nr. 102
For sale

For sale: a Beaumont Vitali rifle

For sale: A Dutch Beaumont rifle made by P. Stevens in Maastricht The Netherlands. It was made in 1874 as a single shot rifle and transformed to a magazine rifle in 1890 for the Dutch army. It doesn't have the small cracks in the wood around the magazine (a known weak spot). All Beaumont Vitali's lack the cleaning rod unfortunately. It has good rifling and good working mechanism. The magazine and rear sight still have the "dirty" type blueing.

I have lots of pictures, so ask for more.

Sales price is 530 euros incl. shipping to Norway with DPD.

receiver number Y106

Click to enlarge

Name: Lucebert
Posted on Sat. 20. Aug. 2011
Unique views: 12818.

Nr. 100
Want to buy

Swedish army rifles

I'm primarily looking for a Swedish flintlock musket m/1815 or possibly a variant.

It should be in good working order.

Name: Johan Andreasson
Posted on Thu. 14. Jul. 2011
Unique views: 11733.

Nr. 99
Want to buy

WTB Swedish M1850 Flankörpistol

Looking for the smoothbore version to go with the rifled version (Studsarpistol), if possible with detachable stock.

Must be in very good condition!

Name: Fabien
Posted on Wed. 13. Jul. 2011
Unique views: 11670.

Nr. 50

Norwegian rolling block rear sight

I need a Norwegian rolling block rear sight.

Thank You, John

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Name: John Eiden
Telephone: 262 593 5627
Posted on Thu. 26. Aug. 2010
Unique views: 10476.

Nr. 49
Want to buy

I Need Schmidt-Rubin 1896/11 Mag

I wish to purchase a Swiss original or a reproduction magazine that will fit my Swiss Schmidt-Rubin Model 1896/1911 rifle. Any/all help much appreciated. Please email me.

Name: Don
Telephone: 903-769-4868 USA
Posted on Mon. 19. Jul. 2010
Unique views: 10206.

Nr. 47
Want to buy

1871 Mauser calvary carbine

need front ring for swivel and rear swivel assembly that fits under stock with 2 screws.

Name: B.J.
Telephone: 352-686-0516
Posted on Fri. 21. May. 2010
Unique views: 9907.

Nr. 46
For sale

Sight blanks

I have for sale replica sight blanks for the Norwegian 18 bore (lødig) kammerlader. The blanks are machined from soft steel to allow for easy filing.

Price: USD 17 + shipping.

Note: Some individual fitting may be required to make the sights fit the base.

Click to enlarge

Name: Øyvind F.
Posted on Mon. 10. May. 2010
Unique views: 8659.

Nr. 44
Want to buy

WTB M1765-69-70 Bayonet

Danish/Norwegian socket bayonet with socket having a catch groove, i.e no locking ring.

Bayonet must be in good condition.

Name: Fabien Compos
Posted on Wed. 14. Apr. 2010
Unique views: 6074.

Nr. 40
Want to buy

1871 Mauser rear sight screw

I need a rear sight with mounting screw
for a 1871 mauser rifle.

Name: Daniel Gombala
Telephone: 00420/597587467
Posted on 17 Mar. -10
Unique views: 5836.

Nr. 39
For sale

WTS: Danish 1848 bayonet

Nice danish socket bayonet for sale, for the 1848 pillar breech rifle or 1848-65 snider rifle conversion.

Covered with markings, locking ring intact, and with a nice patina, uncleaned and unsharpened.

More pics on request.

50 Euro + shipping

Click to enlarge

Name: Fabien Compos
Posted on 15 Mar. -10
Unique views: 5673.

Nr. 37
Want to buy

Wanted: JARMANN rifle

For my collection i want to buy a Jarmann M1884 rifle.

If you have ore know one please contact me.

Click to enlarge

Name: Peter Netherlands
Telephone: -
Posted on 05 Mar. -10
Unique views: 4829.

Nr. 32
Want to buy

Antique cap and powder cans

I'm looking for original/antique percussion cap cans and black powder tins. Dupont, Eley Brothers, etc. I don't need or want any rusty, beat up cans with torn labels. I don't want or need cans marked "Made for Colt's" or "Made for Whitney" etc.

Name: Peter Stines
Posted on 01 Feb. -10
Unique views: 3961.

Nr. 30
Want to buy

Remington New Model Police .36

I would like to buy a percussion cylinder for a Remington New Model Police .36 Cal 5-shot revolver. I have 2 revolvers but they are both converted to .38 rim fire.

Click to enlarge

Name: Lloyd Clark
Telephone: 254-534-4348
Posted on 15 Oct. -09
Unique views: 5500.